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HighSchool: Center High School
Music: i love music. it's a big part of my life. i love too just listen to songs that really make a difference in my life style.
Movies: movies are great. especailly if im bored. i love to hang out with my friends and watch movies. or maybe even go to the movies.
WhatImInto: im into anything. i love taking risks and just being out there. i hate having to sit on the house and be bored.
MyBestFeatures: my best features would be my sence of humor. im always making people laugh. i think another one would be the nicest i give too people, after they walk over me.
MyDreams: my dreams are to work hard this year in school. i really want to make my parents proud, but it's not just for them. i only have three years left of high school, and then ima have to pay for school. so its best to take advantage of what you got.

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